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 I need a summary of my medical documentation for my employer´s company doctor.
Answer: If you underwent a preventive examination in the past two years and your health state hasn´t changed, contact us by phone in order for us to prepare the required medical documentation summary for you. Agree with us a time convenient for both sides and you can came and retrieve your documents in our surgery in a couple of hours already. In all other cases than the above mentioned one it´s necessary for you to get an appointment and undergo a new preventive examination.  

Question: I want to get registered with your GP surgery.
Answer: Phone us to get an appointment. When visiting us take your ID/passport and insurance card with you. You don´t need to take any your previous medical documentation with you. Please check in advance whether your insurance company is a contractual partner of our surgery. 

Question: I want to be vaccinated against tick encephalitis. 
Answer: Come during the office hours and contact the nurse. You don´t need to wait. The only condition for you to able to be vaccinated is that you are not suffering from any acute or febril illness. Vaccination can be applicated any time in the course of the year. 

Question: I want to be vaccinated against streptoccocus pneumoniae. 
Answer: Please contact us by phone or in person in order for us to be able to prepare a vaccination for you.

Question: I need a preeoperative examination.
Answer: Come and see us during the office hours. No previous appointment is needed. Tell the nurse what you need. You´ll get application forms for all the preliminary examinations you need. In accordance with the date of your operation you´ll get an appointment for a final preoperation examination in our surgery. 

Question: I am suffering from acute health problems.
Answer: Come and see us in the first hour of the office hours. This time is reserved for patients with acute health problems.

Question: I need an examination for driving licence.
Answer: You need to get an appointment. If you wear contact lenses or glasses take it with you. It may be that some special examinations (eg. ophthalmological, neurological, psychological one) will be needed. If you are aware of any important/relevant information about your health state, you are not only obliged to share them with the doctor but you are expected to take a respective topical medical report with you as well.

Question: I need a prescription of a medicine I take long term.  
Answer: Contact us by phone or in person. Weigh up making use of e-prescription option.

Question: I decided to be registered with another general practitioner and I need my medical documentation.
Answer:Medical documentation can´t be given to you, it´s not allowed by law. You are fully entitled to get the summary of your medical documentation. We´ll prepare it for you but previous agreement by phone or in person is required. You can retrieve your documents in person or through someone else equipped with your written permission. The summary can be sent also by post to your address  or to the address of your new general practitioner. In this case previous payment of post fees is required.