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MUDr. Karin Šrajerová




Drahomíra Černá




Seydlerova 2451/8




296 113 329



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  Health insurance companies:
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Office hours




08 - 13                               




13 - 18




08 - 13




08 - 13




08 - 13


prior visiting our surgery phone appointment needed (booking)

   acute patients to be served in the first office hour – no prior phone appointment needed

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  • COVID-19 virus - instructions in force from 16. 3. 2020

    On advise of our professional Association of General Practitioners which reacts to the COVID-19 virus pandemic and taking in account present shortage of protective tools our office is forced to enter into a special regime. There has already been a special regime last week as specified in a previous announcement on our website. The new special regime is as follows: We offer our services only via email (Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.) or by phone (296113329), Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 11:00. Thank you for your understanding.


  • COVID-19 virus - instructions

    With regard to the COVID-19 virus crisis we gently ask you to respect the following instructions:

    1) Until the end of March all preventive medical examinations as well as all in advance booked examinations are cancelled.

    2) Clients who have returned in the last two weeks from the COVID-19 infected area and show even light symptoms of breathing system illness are asked to stay at their homes and contact by phone the State Health Authority (Státní zdravotní ústav) on phone numbers 724 810 367 or 725 191 367 or are asked to contact a respective regional hygienic authority. 

    3) Clients without the symptoms of the breathing system illness who have returned in the last two weeks from the COVID-19 infected area or stayed in contact with a potentially ill person, are asked to contact our office by phone or contact directly the State Health Authority. Until properly instructed they should refrain from travelling or visiting health care facilities. When necessary we will issue sick leave certificate, these persons are requested to

  • Office hours modification on Monday 27. 1. and in the week from 17. 2. to 21. 2. 2020

    On Monday 27. 1. 2020 the office hours start at 9:00. Acute patients will be served from 13:00 on. In the week from 17. 2. 2020 to 21. 2. 2020 the office hours are as follows: On Moday 17. 2. and on Wednesday 19. 2. 2020 our office is closed. On Tuesday 18. 2. and on Thursday 20. 2. there are regular office hours. On Friday 21. 2. the office hours are shortened from 10:00 to 12:00 and at the same time there´s only the nurse in the office. Thank you for your understanding.   


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